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 Bellwether Software
Bellwether needed a Web based version of their PMX product. The SaaS model was new to Bellwether and they wanted to make sure their customer's data was safe. Integrated Systems brought Bellwether the security and Linux expertise they needed to execute a secure sucessfull SaaS application.

 Business Command Solutions
BCS's premere product, Command Center helps decisions makers visualize the state of their organization in real time. BCS was interested in assuring the security of their web application. Integrated Systems was engaged to work with developers to ensure application security.

 Whitney Education Group
Whitney provides real estate and securities education and services. Whitney's network includes offices in four states and three countries with close to 400 nodes. Whitney is a Level-3 credit card merchant. Integrated Systems was engaged to perform a quartly network scan and provide training related to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. While on-site we were able to help the customer begin to cope with impending PCI compliance. By suggesting changes to the segmentation of the network we were able to help Whitney better protect cardholder data while taking steps to limit the scope and cost of PCI
 Triangle Flying Service
TFS is located "inside the fence" of a busy metropolitan airport with hangers and vehicles providing services to the aviation industry. Integrated Systems was able to help TFS by setting up a secure wireless infrastructure allowing mobile credit card transactions and in-vehicle access to their existing CRM application while coexisting with FCC and FAA regulations.

Samiteon provides software development and outsourcing services. Samiteon's network has endpoints in the US and India and uses Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, and Windows. Integrated Systems helps Samiteon stay securely connected by conducting network scans and providing consulting in areas such as VoIP, VPN, and firewalling.
 DooWop Shop
The DooWop Shop provides products and services for musicians and entertainers through their web portal and online store. Integrated Systems was engaged to extend the functionality of their online store.

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